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WoMin 2nd Annual Feminist School

WoMin 2nd Annual Feminist School

Accra, Ghana 7 – 14 June 2017

WoMin 2nd Annual Feminist School WoMin Feminist School

“Developing our African eco-feminist craft; strengthening the tools of our resistance.”

For eight days, from 7 to 14 June 2017, WoMin convened its second Annual Feminist School of forty six participants from 11 countries in the region. The aim of the 2nd Annual Feminist School, hosted by our Ghana ally, NETRIGHT, was to make visible the exploitation of women and nature. By analysing the way economic and political systems (like governments, the courts, political party based democracy etc.) are set up and run, the School aimed to surface how corporations and the rich benefit from natural resources like land, forests, minerals and water often at the expense of people. Together, participants brought their own diverse experiences to bear in order to understand how families, communities and the economy are structured to undermine, marginalise and exploit women.

This resource page serves as our comprehensive sharing of the school with our larger WoMin community. From the initial conceptual thinking that framed the experience and critical presentations and readings provided by facilitators to lively audio interviews from participants at the school and vibrant photos that offer a flavour of the week in Accra.

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