What Is The ‘Right To Say NO’?
In all this, women carry the heaviest burden ....
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WoMin Head of Programmes

WoMin is looking to employ a highly experienced, passionate woman who explicitly identifies as feminist, has supported and stood with movements of dispossessed people (especially women), and holds a radical vision and practice that goes beyond conventional mainstream liberal and gender mainstream thinking…

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Community members protest against Copper 360 mining company, Concordia, Northern Cape

“Attempted Murder Charges Brought Against Peaceful Protesters!”

On National Women’s Day in 1956 women marched to protest unjust racist laws which impeded their movement and their livelihoods. For this they faced down white men with guns and the threat of death. Sixty-seven years later in a community called Concordia in the Northern Cape, women led their community in a peaceful blockade…

crowd of african women posing infront of a blue banner

Justice! What Justice?

AfDB Finance Development for People not Profit!

WoMin is thrilled to launch a new pamphlet, AfDB Finance Development for People not Profit! This resource explores why women and communities dealing with dirty AfDB-funded projects are demanding justice and reparations in their fight for development that puts people first instead of profit. 

WATCH | African Sovereignty: Women live the Alternatives - Animated Film Series

WoMin presents the third instalment in our Pathways to a Just Future for Africa series of animated short films – African Sovereignty: Women live the Alternatives. This third film expands on the alternatives to a destructive development model, which women and their communities are protecting and proposing in their organising and resistances.

Home Women resisting African Development Bank projects demand reparations

Women resisting African Development Bank projects demand reparations

The consequences of ‘development’ projects financed by the African Development Bank are stark whilst the suffering of those who are affected continues. Women and their communities are organising to say NO to the heavy toll of projects imposed by the AfDB that perpetuate a opens in a new windowcapitalist, neo-colonial development model for Africa. Read more.

Ugandan women fight for the Right to Say NO!

When Judith Beroirwoth’s piece of land was forcefully acquired for the construction of flowlines to transport crude oil and water to the Oil Central Processing Unit in Buliisa, Uganda, she was forced to co-sign consent forms with her husband’s signature despite being the sole landowner. Read more…

Women’s community meeting, Uganda
Home Women building on ancient African knowledge for a different future 2 jpg

Women Building On Ancient African Knowledge For A Different Future

In honour of International Women’s Day 2023, WoMin’s Eliana N’Zualo sounds off on building African ecofeminist futures. Read more…

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