Three activist guides to support women and communities

Women Building Power launches three activist guides to support women and communities across Africa in their struggles for climate justice and sustainable energy futures!

Women stand their ground against big coal

THREE ACTIVIST GUIDES Womenstandtheirgroundagainstbigcoalcover
THREE ACTIVIST GUIDES WomenstandtheirgroundagainstbigcoalFrenchcover
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French versions will be made available soon

Big businesses, development banks and some governments are pushing for the expansion of coal projects in Africa. They say coal is the way to develop countries and widen African people’s access to energy. But communities are pushing back against this plan because coal is extremely harmful to people and the planet. Communities want existing coal mines and power stations to be phased out, and new coal projects stopped.

FIND OUT how women activists are leading the fight to defend their communities’ land, water and forests.

False solutions to climate change: Chasing profits while the climate burns

THREE ACTIVIST GUIDES Climatechangecover
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THREE ACTIVIST GUIDES ClimatechangeFrenchcover

French versions will be made available soon

The world is hurtling towards a climate crisis in which Africa and particularly opens in a new windowpeasant and working-class women will be hardest hit. Yet we are being fed corporate-driven solutions that are about making more profit at the expense of people and planet and about avoiding regulation to curb emissions. These false solutions will delay putting real, urgent and effective solutions into action. But women are fighting back against false solutions in defence of land, water, forests, families and communities.

LEARN more about the different kinds of false solutions and how feminist movements are rallying for the ‘right to say NO’ to these solutions while building meaningful alternatives for a just and sustainable future!

Women, the guardians of rivers and fighting big dams

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French  versions will be made available soon

African governments, corporations and development banks promote big hydroelectric dams as a clean energy alternative to fossil fuels. They say such dams do not add to climate change. They also say that by selling the electricity, big dams can earn much needed money for African countries, and that big dams will provide energy for African countries which have huge energy poverty. But the reality could not be further from the truth.

FIND OUT why big dams are not the solution for a country’s citizens and economy and how women are fighting back against big dams to protect their families, livelihoods, and communities.

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