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Women Building Power: A growing collection of resources

Women Building Power

WELCOME to Women Building Power, a cutting-edge and developing collection of research, information materials, and tools which forms the knowledge hub of an emerging African women-led grassroots driven campaign on  opens in a new windowFossil Fuels, Energy and opens in a new windowClimate Justice. The campaign aims to build a women’s movement to make deep change in the way energy is produced and distributed in our countries and in Africa more widely. Women Building Power resources will support grassroots organising, strategy development, and advocacy at all levels.

Women Building Power presents:

Seven information booklets on women and energy
Four of these booklets address simple renewable energy technologies and “how-to’s” that women can use to deal with the daily challenges of energy poverty and organise in their communities for the wider changes needed to achieve energy and opens in a new windowclimate justice. These how-to booklets are aimed to help women and their communities address energy hunger right now. Using some simple renewable energy methods can help ease the burden of work on women while we continue to organise for the bigger changes we want and need in order to create a just world for all.  

All booklets are available for download in English, French, Portuguese and Zulu below.

Renewable energy technologies booklets:

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Content and Concept booklets

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Women Building Power: Towards Climate and Energy For Women In Africa Paper

This paper provides a sweeping overview of energy and climate change in Africa from an eco-feminist perspective. This is the first of a series of popular research papers, which will include national energy policy analysis in a minimum of four countries, a geopolitical ecofeminist analysis of renewable energy policy and key investment frameworks in Africa, and a set of case studies on alternative energy systems and their financing.

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To read about WoMin’s first official launch of Women Building Power, see our press release here. Also available in French /Portuguese

This is an open access resource with no copyright. Organisations are invited to make use of these resources so long as they acknowledge WoMin as the source. For designers: if you would like to have access to raw files for these productions, please email: margaret.mapondera@gmail.comcreate new email