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Mogale Declaration: Living the Future Now

Standing in solidarity with peasant and working class women in Africa as they build a collective vision for a just and sustainable future!

In July 2018, a group of feminists and opens in a new windowclimate justice activists met in Mogale, Johannesburg to discuss the global crises confronting us today and the kinds of deep social and economic changes needed to achieve a socially just and sustainable future. opens in a new windowPeasant and working-class women in Africa bear the brunt of climate-destroying ‘development’ projects which grab, pollute and destroy their  lands, water, and forests, undermine cultural and historical ties to territories, exploit their labour (paid and unpaid), and violate their bodies and health.  Women form the core of struggles to defend the land, lives, livelihoods and future of their families and communities. Their struggle is one that defends a way of life and an existence that cannot be replaced. This is their development alternative. Yet women have limited voice and authority in decision-making about development at all levels of society. The Mogale Declaration is just one step in addressing these concerns, and provides a working frame and clear set of political demands, which can guide efforts to build and strengthen community-driven feminist just development alternatives.

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Read their demands and the full declaration:

If another world is possible, who is doing the imagining? Building an ecofeminist development alternative in a time of deep systemic crisis.

This document explores the core nature of the problem of Just Transition, examines opens in a new windowextractivism and its consequences, while interrogating mainstream or ‘false’ solutions and proposing an African ecofeminist development alternative.

if another world is possible who is doing the imagining