New Report | Renewable Energy in Africa: An opportunity in a time of crisis

By Winnet Shamuyarira

By Winnet Shamuyarira

Renewable energy provides a key to Africa’s development. The climate benefits of using the sun and wind to produce electricity means energy for development without compounding the problem of climate change. Africa has an opportunity to largely leapfrog using fossil fuels for electricity production. This report outlines the current state of renewable energy in Africa as well as warning against potential pitfalls of renewable energy development that could have serious effects on the very communities that stand to be empowered. In a time of crisis, renewable energy presents a clear opportunity for the continent.

Commissioned by and WoMin and conducted by University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre, the report gives a critical overview of renewable energy in Africa as well as a closer look at the state of renewable energy in 10 countries and key leverage points for activism and advocacy.

Read the full report on here

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