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Supporting through the campaign

Supporting local struggles through the campaign

There is a deep commitment on the part of WoMin to build a genuinely grassroots driven women-led campaign which is defined from the bottom up. The campaign therefore is a strategy, a process and a platform to support women’s organizing and opens in a new windowmovement-building. This requires an intensive highly participatory process which is rooted in specific localities or communities in every country. As mentioned WoMin and its allies in each of the three countries will prioritise 2-3 specific sites or communities for 2016/early 2017 where intensive local organizing and planning work will happen under the umbrella of the campaign. In each community, we will support women there undertake research/participatory investigations, visioning exercises, and develop local action/organizing plans to be supported through the campaign. Women leaders from these local sites will participate in national campaigns planning meetings and trainings (local and national) and will be represented on national campaign platforms. In 2016, we may be able to support a localized action or even an exchange to build confidence and deepen knowledge but this may be premature in some localities. We will need to work flexibly to respond to different needs in diverse contexts.