stories of struggle and resistance ​

Women along with their communities, organisations and movements across Africa do not stand by meekly as extractivist corporations and governments try to take their land and natural resources. These women fiercely defend their right to livelihoods, health and well-being, freedom from violence, and community life. At WoMin we profile their voices and stories of inspirational organising and action.

#RiseAgainstRepression | Hannah Deen is a land rights activist and the women’s leader of Malen Landowners Association (MALOA) in Southern Sierra Leone.  Since 2011, Hannah has been fighting to regain her land or be included in all negotiations regarding the land that was illegally grabbed by Luxembourg-based firm, SOCFIN Agricultural.

#RiseAgainstRepression | Tete province in central Mozambique has become emblematic of the corporate greed and violence of extractive industries. Beatriz Bernado Zacarias along with her community are resisting Indian coal-mining company, Jindal in the face of heavy repression and violence. 

Through the eyes and experiences of women impacted by coal, oil and mega-infrastructure
projects in South Africa, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through Women Hold Up the Sky  women explore…

South African activists and their allies tell parliament to stop funding the DRC’s Grand Inga Dam Project. The Project is already having a negative impact for communities that live alongside the Congo River in the DRC. 

We gathered over 100 activists from South Africa, and across the African continent and asked the big questions of how to make climate justice REAL for Africans in the face of climate catastrophe.

Caroline Ntaopane speaks about WoMin’s work with allies , Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre (Nigeria) and the Centre for National Resource Governance