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Guns Power & Politics: Extractives, militarization and VAW

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Guns Power & Politics:
Extractives, Militarization & VAW

An extractivist profit-oriented development model, which entails the large-scale exploitation of natural resources, steals what women and their communities need to survive and be well. At every point along the chain of extractivist-driven development, violence takes place. From the plunder and looting of the earth’s natural resources, to the human labor (both paid and unpaid) used to carry out these activities, and to the catastrophic impacts of development projects such as mining initiatives or mega dams on the environment and people.

This deepens inequality between the rich and the poor, and between men and women. The systems guarantee compliance through violence – the violence perpetrated by the state and corporations against communities, against artisanal miners and women who stand in the way of ‘progress’, and against women to keep them in their place.

Research shows that environmental defenders are some of the most at-risk activists in the world. Since 2002, the killing of environmental defenders has doubled to levels usually associated with war zones, according to a study by Nature SustainabilityWoMin’s research on extractivismmilitarization and violence against women demonstrates how the violence emanating from the securitization and militarization surrounding extractives leaves women exposed to rape and other forms of sexual violence, kidnappings, and physical assault.

WoMin works to research, document, and evidence the relationship between extractivist development, militarization, securitization and VAW; support affected women deal with the trauma of violence; and search for justice, defined on women’s terms. Our work on this front in the last few years has been focused to MozambiqueSierra Leone, and Zimbabwe, but we have turned our gaze to MadagascarNigeria , and South Africa in 2020. We support partners and allies to analyze risks they confront as they challenge the power of states and corporations and deepen strategies which safeguard and protect those most at risk.