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WoMin works to develop resource and information materials to support women-led movement building, advocacy and campaigns for justice. These resources have often been inspired by conversations with women in communities, and sometimes built in direct collaboration with them. In the past five years WoMin has built a growing library for activists, thinkers, researchers and practitioners, constantly affirming our commitment to building ‘knowledge from below.

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Women Stand their Ground Activist Guides

Big businesses, development banks and some governments are pushing for the expansion of coal projects in Africa. They say coal is the way to develop countries and widen African people’s access to energy.

Women Building Power Booklets

WELCOME to Women Building Power, a cutting-edge and developing collection of research, information materials, and tools which forms the knowledge hub of an emerging African women-led grassroots driven campaign on Fossil Fuels, Energy and Climate Justice.

An Activist’s COVID-19 Resources Pack