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critical analysis and research

WoMin works to build analysis and ideas which unpick and challenge the dominant mainstream narratives. To this end, we undertake feminist political economy research, ecofeminist impact assessments, plan ecofeminist costs benefit analyses and we write critically. Following this we present ideas that are crafted in and through our work with activists and organisations across the region.

Understanding the 'Right to Say NO'

What is the ‘Right to Say NO’? We offer a set of tools and resources to help you unpack this powerful concept and right.

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Vaw research

Guns, Power & Politics Research

This new research and activist guide series focuses on the mining sectors in Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe – laying bare the architecture of absent and compromised laws and policies and the misuse of state power and resources. 

Collection 1

A synthesis of the available literature addressing key themes and questions related to women, gender  and extractives.


collection 2

WoMin and WoMin alliance members in East, West and Southern Africa carried out participatory action research during the course of 2014. Country papers along with a critical analysis paper on the Africa Mining Vision are available to read.

women building power

A cutting-edge and developing collection of research, information materials, and tools which forms the knowledge hub of our programme on the intersections of climate and energy justice, gender, and fossil fuels extraction


Critical Analysis and Writing

Women Building Power offers three activist guides to support women and communities across Africa in their struggles for climate justice and sustainable energy futures.

Women Stand their Ground against Big Coal: AfDB’s Sendou plant impact on women in a time of climate crisis

Mogale Declaration: Living the Future Now

WoMin 2nd Annual Feminist School

Participatory Action Research