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WoMin’s vision is of an Africa in which all women have secure access to the resources they, their families and communities need for life and livelihood, and an Africa in which all women can exercise full control over their bodies and development choices.


Our mission is to support women’s organising and to build a movement aimed at challenging the destructive large-scale extraction of natural resources and to propose developmental alternatives that respond to the needs of the majority of African women.



In the coming five years, WoMin will continue to focus its efforts on supporting women impacted by destructive development projects in 13 African countries.  We will work with African women activists and allies to expose the costs of this current development model and co-create and promote transformative ecofeminist alternatives.  Read our 2020 – 2024 Strategy. The pillars of our strategy are:

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We support localised resistance to fossil fuel extraction and mega- energy projects and, in partnership with organisations across the continent, work to put forward a radical Pan African climate justice agenda.

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In continuously striving to ensure African women have secure access to all the resource that women, their families and communities need, we focus on improving their well-being and securing their livelihoods. We dream of an Africa in which all women can exercise full control over their bodies, their lives and their developmental choices.

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GUNS, POWER AND POLITICS – extractivism and violence against women

WoMin will continue its efforts to evidence the relationship between extractivist development, militarisation, securitisation and VAW; support affected women deal with the trauma of violence; and search for justice, defined on women’s terms. We will also support risk analysis, strategies and responses in all of the key sites of struggle we are linked to, and we will address the same threats in our regional and continental campaigns for climate justice and Right to Say NO.

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Building, recognising and advancing Developmental Alternatives

In the next strategy period, we will uncover, build and advance African ecofeminist development alternatives to destructive extractivism, growing and strengthening new and dynamic ideas of the Just Transition from an African ecofeminist perspective.